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Dutchess County, NY

When we work on a private residence, we take every care to understand and respect that this is not just a property, structure or set of blueprints. This is your home. We listen first, working with your vision and sense of style, but combining your ideas with our extensive knowledge of finishes, materials and how to consider every last detail in order to create an overall look and feel that will really "wow." The original house at this estate had builder-grade characteristics, so we took many of the walls down to create a more open layout.

This immediately modernized the house and allowed for a more comfortable, contemporary flow for the homeowner. The unique design choices: gray cabinetry in the kitchen, dark gray doors, rooms painted eggplant and even black, along with ornate, high-end light fixtures, wallpaper and wall coverings, combine for real standout moments in every room. Yet the overall feel of the home remains cozy and inviting.


Private Residence

Interiors: Baxter

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