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The Baxter Development team has vast experience and knowledge across all touch points of the development process, from financing, design, construction, asset management and more. Our projects are strategically targeted to be in secondary markets that are transit oriented, and we strive to utilize sustainable building technologies that are advantageous to both the building longevity and the environment. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Deal sourcing and acquisition, underwriting, negotiation of the acquisition, purchase & sale agreement. We handle the operating zoning assessment, due diligence, and budget creation.


Beyond real estate development, we handle the asset management of all our investments. We implement a comprehensive and strategic approach to managing properties and investments to continuously maximize value. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

Detailed property-level analyses, working with our accounting and property management teams to identify trends and findings based on tracked ongoing property-level activity. Additionally, we continuously research value-add strategies and ideas to consider and implement at our properties.


Baxter Development is one of Baxter’s three entities. The Construction Management and Property Management teams are available resources to be engaged in projects as needed.

From commercial and residential spaces to medical and institutional facility construction, the Baxter Construction team has the expertise to execute every square foot. We are committed to being involved on projects that are designed with the environment in mind. We build sustainably, with a mission to create engaging spaces while building communities for the future.

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