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Designed by River Architects, and built by Baxter, this 4,600 square foot Passive private residence in Catskill, NY is a modern take on the classic American farmhouse with clean lines.   The retreat home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms has been recognized as highly energy efficient.  The home features Bensonwood panels, which are high-performance and low embodied-energy panels which are produced in an off-site, controlled setting. 

Design features include custom pendant lighting from Tracy Glover Studio,  staircase made of steel and wood, and poured concrete flooring.  The Tesla Powerwall system and high-performance windows  contribute to the goal of being carbon-neutral.


  • Constructed with Bensonwood panels

  • Tesla powerwall system

  • Custom glazing package

  • Custom lighting package

  • Built using PHIUS standards



River Architects


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