For over 30 years, Baxter has been redefining what a construction and development company can do. That’s why our tagline is simply Baxter Built. It represents a long-standing and hard-earned reputation as one of the premier real estate development and construction management firms in the Hudson Valley. Learn more about what we offer and how we do it.



Baxter provides comprehensive project and construction management that is success driven and focused on maximizing our client’s long-term value. Each project is tailored to key elements that are unique to your budgetary goals. Our experienced team guides the process from start to finish, by outlining clearly defined scopes, setting realistic budgetary goals, and utilizing cloud-based software to keep you updated around the clock, meaning your project’s status is always available for making critical decisions.

At Baxter, the full breadth of your construction project’s master planning, design and build phase is executed with mindful attention to the budget and laser focus on your completion date. We stand behind every project we undertake and provide you with the assurance that goals are met and your vision is realized.  

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Our Design-Build process streamlines all of your project components together into a single point of responsibility for project quality, cost and schedule. Our various in-house departments and long-standing relationships throughout the region allow us to find ideal solutions and efficiencies for any project plan. This integrated approach helps us hone in even more on the specific needs of each project. Baxter's staff includes professionals in all areas, from estimating, scheduling and procurement, to construction administration, safety, quality, cost control and MEP coordination and commissioning. This turnkey solution covers all aspects of design and construction and offers a unique platform to save you time and money.


Baxter’s design services are exceptional. As a full-service construction company, we have the ability to involve our creative team during pre-construction and schematic design, as the construction plans are created. The design team works directly with our project management group to form a seamless project path from start to finish. From finishes to trim and cabinetry, the creative process brings together the wide array of available materials and possibilities that transform an architectural idea into a client’s dream.

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Our general contracting services are the foundation upon which this company was built. It’s in our DNA. Baxter offers a full spectrum of capabilities ranging from modern, state-of-the-art laboratory and medical facilities to complicated mixed-use projects. Our experience with both commercial and retail projects of all sizes is augmented by our background in providing high-end residential and hospitality design/build services. With finishes that excel and aesthetic execution that meets the highest standards, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished for our clients.


The many benefits of early planning during the design phase become realized during the buyout and scheduling of your project. By helping identify potential problems and implementing solutions, we excel at eliminating hidden costs and streamlining the construction process, avoiding further costly delays. We collaborate with owners and design teams throughout the process, offering viable alternatives when necessary, and always looking for ways to save both time and cost without sacrificing quality.

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Precise cost estimates provide you with the analysis tools to control your total budget and evaluate feasibility. Our estimating team draws upon a wide range of experience, utilizing historical and actualized unit pricing to provide you with realistic budgets and scheduling. Our in-house cost database is updated daily, as we are regularly working on a wide range of projects. But beyond the database, Baxter’s full resources are used in each analysis, tailoring our estimates to your individual requirements. This ensures that our numbers on all renovations, ground-up buildings, and repair work are both relevant and accurate.


Acting as an owner’s representative means serving as an extension of the owner’s core team. Baxter takes this role very seriously, proudly and confidently offering guidance through the lifecycle of your project, while protecting your interests at all times. We become the client’s “eyes and ears” on the ground, as well as their resource for looking after each component of the project. 

Baxter provides on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget. Additionally, we monitor each phase of the project, not just on-site but overall, and give our clients expert, technical knowledge on a macro level, and always answer all of your questions, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions. We truly act as your advocate, helping you focus on core goals while delivering the value-added resources to make your project a success.