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Some people think of construction as a trade. Some think of it as an industry. We think of it as a privilege.


That’s because our history and home base is in the heart of the Hudson Valley, a region that continually defies any limit on opportunity or growth. For over 35 years, from modern medical facilities to multi-unit residences and boutique hospitality builds, our expertise has risen right alongside some of the area’s most exciting projects. Each has brought an incredible new addition to our portfolio.

Baxter takes great pride in our relationships with subcontractors from every trade throughout the Hudson Valley. We recognize that each job is unique and have cultivated an unparalleled team that works seamlessly and confidently with the top talent in each trade to deliver on time and in budget. This is why any project displaying a Baxter logo means the very best are hard at work.

No matter the need, square footage, or timeline, Baxter can build it. From our Project Management staff to the technology we’ve invested in, we prioritize seamless, high-level coordination and communication on all projects.